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02I- changing the face of outsourcing, one satisfied client at a time.

  • O2I serves many industries. From full-scale, multi-tiered application development to system administration and complete website services, we do it all—right!
  • What we bring to the table is creativity, inspiration, and refreshing expertise. When your project is in O2I’s hands, you know it is being managed with integrity and commitment to the highest industry standards. Professionalism and determination set us apart as a multi-dimensional, executive-level technology leader
  • Our high-level, customized solutions are built to optimize corporate clients and organizations and boost their productivity, efficiency, and growth.
  • The O2I know-how is revolutionary and satisfying offering a boutique-style experience not a “mass-produced” approach. We take the time to truly understand our clients’ needs and use innovative approaches to craft a unique solution from the ground up. Our dynamic team is committed to producing maximum results in minimal turnaround time.
  • You can be sure that at O2I we speak your language and share your vision.